January 2014

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What would you do with 2880 cores?

Vasik Rajlich, author of the legendary chess program Rybka,  used them to show that chess champion Bobby Fisher was right about the chess opening King’s Gambit (see “A bust for King’s Gambit“) .


King’s Gambit


Vasik proved that King’s Gambit is a loss for white unless white plays 3. Be2 after black takes the pawn.  (In that case, it’s a draw.)  For the details, click on the link below.


In September 2008, I met John in Harrisburg.  We slept overnight at his friend Zoungy’s place and then enjoyed the beautiful drive to Cherry Springs for the Black Forest Star Party.  John was perhaps the most entertaining, charming, and inspiring person I have ever met.  He had a million stories about astronomy, philosophy, science, and life in general.  At age 93, he was recovering from a stroke, meeting new people, travelling alone with strangers like me, and giving entertaining informative speeches to crowds numbering in the hundreds.  He would charm everyone he met.

John — rest in peace.






Equation from Teacher’s Choice