February 2014

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  1. Enjoying John Baez’s blog Azimuth.  Especially the posts on good research practices and an older post on levels of mathematical understanding.
  2. García-Pérez, Serrano, and Boguñá wrote a cool paper on primes, probability, and integers as a bipartite network.
  3. Loved the idea behind the game theoretical book “Survival of the Nicest”  (see Yes Magazine for a two page introduction).
  4. Scott Young is learning Chinese quickly.
  5. Cyber warriors to the rescue.
  6. Mao, Fluxx, and Douglas Hofstadter‘s Nomic are fun games.
  7. Healy and Caudell are applying category theory to semantic and neural networks.
  8. Some MOOCs for data science and machine learning.
  9. Here an old but good free online course on the Computational Complexity of Machine Learning.
  10. Great TeX graphics.
  11. Watch this Ted Video to learn anything in 20 hours (YMMV).
  12. Where are all the Steeler fans?  Cowboy fans?  ….
  13. Productivity Hints.
  14. Copper + Magnets = Fun
  15. Stray dogs on the subway.
  16. Deep learning on NPR.
  17. Happy 40th birthday D&D
  18. Google is applying deep learning to images of house numbers
  19. Deep learning in your browser.
  20. How to write a great research paper.
  21. Do Deep Nets Really Need to be Deep?
  22. A variation on neural net dropout.
  23. Provable algorithms for Machine Learning
  24. 100 Numpy Exercises
  25. Learn and Practice Applied Machine Learning | Machine Learning Mastery