Machine Translation of Chinese

In “Exploitation of Machine Learning Techniques in Modelling Phrase Movements for Machine Translation“, Ni, Saunders, Szedmak, and Niranjan (2011) create a “phrase reordering model” for statistical machine translation.  They apply their method to a Chinese-English corpus to match phrases in each language.  They compare their method to well known maximum entropy methods, support vector machines, maximum margin regression, and max-margin structure learning while giving short summaries on how each method is applied.  I’m very impressed with their writing style and the content of the paper.  The concept of maximum margin regression (similar to SVM) is explored in “Learning via Linear Operators: Maximum Margin Regression; Multiclass and Multiview Learning at One-class Complexity” by Szedmak, and Shawe-Taylor, and Parado-Hernandez (2006).  Max-margin structure learning is described in “Max–margin markov networks” by Taskar, Guestrin, and Koller (NIPS 2003).