Unanswered Internet Queries

I wonder if there is some way to identify which internet queries are the most frequently asked and least frequently successfully answered.

I bring this up because my three most popular blog posts are:

  1. 100 Most useful Theorems and Ideas in Mathematics
  2. Standard Deviation of Sample Median
  3. “Deep Support Vector Machines for Regression Problems”

The second one about the Median was originally posted to answer the question “What has the most variability: the sample mean or the sample median?”  But, I think that most of the people who are referred to this post from Google are trying to find the answer to “What is the standard deviation of the sample median?” The second question is quite practical for people doing statistics and it is difficult to find an answer to this question on the internet.  An approximation to the answer is given in the post, but the post really was not designed to answer this question, so I imagine that many people read the article and find the approximation to be insufficient or they don’t even understand the approximation given.  So I wonder if there are many questions posed to Google that remain unanswered after Googling. It would be a great service if such questions could be answered by an expert and indexed by Google.

The 100 theorems post and the deep support post are similar.  Both are fairly short simple answers to potential internet queries. The 100 theorems post is an answer to “What are the most useful theorems in mathematics?” and the “deep support” article answers the very technical AI question “What is a deep support vector machine?”

Maybe I should more posts like those.


Cheers, Hein