TIL: A trick for hits on your blog

If you want hits on your blog, write about an article that is being read by thousands or millions of people.  Some of those readers will Google terms from the article. Today I blogged very briefly about the NY Times article “Scientists See Promise in Deep-Learning Programs” and I was surprised at the number of referrals from Google.  Hmm, maybe I should blog about current TV shows (Big Bang? Mythbusters?), movies (Cloud Atlas?), and video games (Call of Duty?).   Carl suggested that I apply deep learning, support vector machines, and logistic regression to estimate the number of hits I will get on a post.  If I used restricted Boltzmann machines, I could run it in generative mode to create articles  :)      I was afraid if I went down that route I would eventually have a fantastically popular blog about Britney Spears.